October 02, 2007


Marie from View From the Pews has given me a delightful bouquet of flowers. Please go to her site to view them and read also her wonderful blog. I would love to post the flowers but I need to remember how I did the other ones. Marie and Ginny have some very wonderful reflections. I will post more later, since I also needed to respond and this morning the time is going by and work I need to go to. I almost forgot I signed up for a few extra hours today, plus a visit with my sister, her surgery went well. I thank you all for your prayers on her behalf. More later.
May our day be blessed and filled with the love of God in our daily life.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...


Welcome back:). You have been missed. I will look forward to your reflections when you have the time:).

I pray that your sister recovers well:).

Peace to you my friend:)


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie, your smiles light up the day. (((((((Marie))))))) and so did the hug.

My sister is doing great!!

Blessings my friend :)

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