October 16, 2007


I've read the book Abandonment to Divine Providence and somehow thought I didn't read it. I read it at a time when my mind was full. Not full of junk, but full of the Spirit. I wrote about it and somehow I began rereading it and once again putting it away. I found the book that I began and misplaced by the same author who wrote the other one. This other book is called The Joy of Full Surrender and my book mark is still in the place it was last left at, on page 50. Why is it that there was something to recall and I couldn't but I managed to confuse the two books.

It seems that there was a purpose in it and what I did get from it at the time was, what was needed. Does that make sense? Anyway, from the beginning of my journey that started in 2003, I was, how do you say, more or less directed to read certain books, not by people, but moved by the Spirit. It was as if it was meant to help in understanding of what was happening. I am grateful for it too. Last night was a big night when speaking to close to 40 plus students about a life that went down the wrong path and then to come full circle into God's life. It was part of the lesson on the sixth commandment.

Out of it I came full circle too, with the acknowledgement of the abuse I suffered in that relationship. How it clouded my thinking process so much to the point of constantly doubting myself and then what God began to do. It took me a long time to cleanse myself of it, with God's help. Did he have a purpose in all this, always. Nothing happens in our lives without a reason. We either learn from it, grow from it or we sit stagnant, dead. Why am I mentioning this, because last night I was open and honest and stopped fearing what people would think or judge me of. I have been judged by the one who does the judging, my sentence is to serve Him all the days of my life. It is a choice that I gladly follow. Today, I have felt freedom. Freedom from my own imprisonment, and I can honestly say from the depths of my heart that love conquers and faith moves mountains. God cared enough about me to save me, that is love in the purest form.

It is with hope that somehow those kids will listen and find that sin is not the way, but that God is the only way.

2 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

I think in almost everyone's life we make mistakes. The one thing that comforts me is the knowledge of God's Love and Mercy.

Every soul carries its wounds but it is the Holy Spirit who comforts us. It is also the Holy Spirit who strengthens us to go beyond our limited self and to continue to make ourselves vulnerable for Loves sake alone.

When faced with accusations of past wrong doings or when others judge you. Rememer two things...

The Holy Spirit loves us & comforts our afflicted spirit inspite of ourselves.
But satan is the great accuser. It is good to recongise the 'spirit' that is the motivating each of us.

If it were not for God's Mercy then there would be no hope for me.

Peace to you my friend:)


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie! You brought something I didn't think about to light, "satan is the great accuser," yet I had forgotten I mentioned this to my kids in class, but in a different way. How you said it made me think about the times when even my own thoughts would accuse myself of not being good enough. I then let negativity and satan bash me. Only to be washed clean and cleansed anew in the grace of God. It's a beating that is painful, but the purging is purifying. Peace is there and love is always the gift given. God is sooo good and loving.

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