September 23, 2007


I don't know what to say, other than thank you so much for touching my life. There has been so much going on and I've been trying to find what program I deleted in the process of it all that won't allow me to have any type of ART to put up on my site. I can do regular one's but not those. Sometime ago I deleted some unused programs and I'm beginning to wonder if it did something. Every chance I get I try to find the problem. But so far nothing.

Anyway I am learning to value life in a new way, that of being nominated and awarded beautiful bouquets. I did fail to mention that Autumnrose had bestowed lovely flowers. And now I find another new one and I'm deeply touched by it as I was with the other two. God didn't prepare me for this as I humbly thank you. I never sought acknowledgement for what I do for God and I find myself speechless because it's so new. It's a good thing I am discovering on how to learn acceptance from those around me. Far too often in my life I've kept myself always in the background. It's very new to me to receive any recognition and I thank you for bringing me into a new sphere of life. One that will always be second to God for it is through Him all good things come. Because he often works through us to give to others.

Now I would love more than anything to put those lovely badges on my site, so please if anyone has any idea how on earth I can save it and show up, it would be a little miracle in itself. The save as menu doesn't change from *ART* at all. I checked everything too.

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