September 01, 2007


What an awesome day! After writing this morning and doing a few things, it came to go. I wasn't sure it was going to be, yet it was strong to go. But my parents were out and I called to see how quick they would be back because I had to take them with me, I couldn't go without them. Those are the times the will of God is there the strongest and I do what is asked. Luckily they weren't far from home, since they went to an area farm for tomatoes to can. My garden didn't supply enough for that wonderful part. We left somewhere around noon and made the trip to Lowell.

This is one weekend the Mass Turnpike was busy on both east and west, it was amazing to be slowed down at the Sturbridge exit for quite a ways. We did manage to get there in good time. Once there, the place is beautiful. It was so easy to find too. But the best is what I saw and can share. It was the illumination of the Blessed Sacrament. It lit from within and it was so beautiful. One cannot doubt for a moment when it glows from within like a heartbeat. After that it stopped, but it was enough to tell me he was pleased. We did get to visit the gift shop and get a few things. And then we stayed for Mass. The whole time was awesome. I am wondering though, because as I looked up at a Mural on the wall above the Tabernacle, I thought I saw an angel and a Throne in a corner of it. It was odd, but the feeling was so good. I actually stepped back to look, and nothing. But back at the pew I was in there it was. It must be the lighting, because my mom didn't see anything when I pointed to it. It was a magnificent day and the weather was perfect too. And God is so good.

I think my dad upset a gentleman at the back of the Chapel when he asked him where the bathrooms were. He said the man didn't say a word but got up and walked away. When my dad left, the man went and sat back down at his seat. I can understand not wanting to be disturbed while paying a visit with our Lord. It happens to us too at our Chapel, when a visitor comes in. We stop our prayer and help out and guide the soul who comes seeking whatever they need. Once done we go right back to where we left off. Not always easy for some though. So it's understandable.

I also want to thank teresa-anawim for showing us a picture of the Shrine. I would not have known or gone to visit the place and I am deeply grateful for having gone. It was a blessing! But I am also understanding something else too, that I am on the right path and each step I take it's with him and for him. Can't walk any better than that.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

I am glad you took a trip out to the shrine and your parents also!
As for upsetting people..I find that there are all types of people who visit shrines in inner cities...shrines such as St Anthony's in downtown Boston and St Joseph's in Lowell. One type is the street person who goes to spend the day in the back. Often they are disturbed and respond in a way other than we expect.
And then again, there are times when I have witnessed a person's intention for holiness turn to rudeness when it comes to dealing with fellow human beings in the Church. Jesus abhored that very thing! I have been guilty of that, tinking was being holy , but just being plain ole ordinarily r-u-d-e!
I like to light a St Joseph candel especially when I go there as well as one to the Sacred Heart.
But the big pieta I can't get used to.
Sunday morning masses there are jammed..especially the 8 am! But I prefer my parish mass.
Soon I am going out to N Attleboro to LaSalette..I like the grounds there where I can sit outside on a nice breezy day and pray...perhaps do the stations.

marie said...


Thankyou for relating to us your wonderful visit to the shrine.

I love the way you incorporate God into everything you do, it is a Gift.

Peace & blessings


Marie Cecile said...

I am too teresa_anawim, it was a wonderful day. There's another one in Boston too?

I hope my dad wasn't rude to the gentleman either, I wrote what he told me. I don't even think he knew, much less myself of those who sit at the back. I never knew that.

I think that's wonderful what you do, lighting a candle. I didn't take a good look at it myself, I focused on the Blessed Sacrament. Next time I get to go I will do a more thorough visual visit at everything there is to see.

I'm glad your going to LaSalette, what you wrote reminded me of a time I went there and sat in front of Our Lady's statue before the outdoor Mass area where the Stations are. I did the stations and sat there, having one strange conversation interiorly while a beautiful breeze was there in that area. It was a remarkable moment of joy that I will never forget. Your mentioning had brought back that beautiful memory. Never had I had such a love filled conversation interiorly as that one day.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie, I see you do the same also, you bring Him to others in your reflections. You breath life and love for God, it's wonderful.

God Bless You


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