September 10, 2007


We had our Parish picnic yesterday but I was delayed in going due to my dad not feeling well. I stayed home until I felt he was okay. When I went I went to the CCD booth and did not end up visiting too much else. What I did have was a wonderful conversation with our secretary for the Rectory. We touched on the subject of what I have seen and the many other things that I have been experiencing. She did say it was about time I spoke about it. After I spoke to my Parish Priest just after the beginning, I did not talk about it too much afterwards. There was much I needed to understand and learn. So anyway it ended up being a good day. I write about my experiences but haven't spoke to too many people as yet about them.

For the past three years I have given the kids glimpses, except last year I truly spoke for the first time with the older ones on some of the experiences. They even saw the pictures too. I am more than happy to show them to people if it is God's will. After all he is the one who made it possible for me to even have them.

Yesterday I also had mentioned the words I had gotten, it was in that whole section but it was only a few words and once I had read them, it went away. It was also coming from a song but not in the same way and that too once I heard it the words were gone but I got the message. When I spoke to her about it we both came to the conclusion that it was in answer to what I was asking about. So yesterday was also an enlightening day too. More or less the same when Angel had talked to me too. And on that note, he doesn't work with us anymore either. I wish him well on his adventures too.

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