September 24, 2007

People, Places and Prayer

Tonight was my first night at a prayer Cenacle. Since CCD is every other Monday, I will be attending this on the off days. It was quite nice to pray in a group and share among each other. And the count down is on for the up coming retreat also. I know I mentioned it after making first profession, in my excitement I stated it as the weekend coming up when it is the last weekend of this month. The best part is I have two retreats this year and I look upon them as much needed spiritual nourishment. A grateful year and a blessed one at that. I have found friends in the blog sphere as well as a new family in community and many others.

It is a blessing to have our lives touched by so many, from those who we see to those we don't. There is something I need to do and that is to get my reading in gear to chose others for their gift of faith in the blog sphere.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

Without prayer people and places dont matter. With prayer we see a glimpse of the Divine in a baby's smile, in the budding of a the cool breeze that gently flows around us...

Through prayer we are able to love as God fills us with Himself....without prayer we would become egocentric monsters.

Prayer is not our gift to God but His Gift to us....:)

Thankyou MC:) I see so much in what you write.

In my prayers your sister in Christ,


Marie Cecile said...

Marie, you are a Godsend. You bring life and sense at times when I flounder. You have a beautiful gift.

As for reading, I need to branch out because I am not on very long and need to spend more to accomplish sometimes the impossible. Thank you!

Marie said...


You are most welcome my friend:). I gain so much in reading your blog..Thankyou for sharing your faith with us all.

God bless you hon:)

Your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

Marie, your a special friend :) and my prayers are with you.

Thank you for touching my heart and calling me friend.

God bless you with abundant joy!

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