September 05, 2007


My parents bought a CD when we were at the Shrine in Lowell. The only reason I didn't mention it before is because when we first heard it I didn't like it. But night before I listened to it again and brought it to work with me yesterday. Where if it's possible to do, I played a couple of songs over and over all day long, with maybe a few times the whole CD. It more or less captured my listening pleasure.

I was captivated with the song Behold and Prelude to Calvary. Actually the whole CD is wonderful. Sometimes it happens that the first time I hear a song and after the third listening it has blossomed within my soul. It doesn't always happen that way either, I noticed it with this one and some from another artist. I don't know why, maybe I wasn't in tune either for listening.

As long as it is music that sings of God and is in harmony and don't sound like a barber shop quartet. Harmony to me is unity, not divided singing in parts where it can sound awful. My listening ears have been tuned to our Lord and I suppose I need to adjust it to the world too. I don't know why beautiful flowing music is important to me, but it is. It sings to my soul so much. Oh well, such is life. Anyway time is catching up and the need to go is here.

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