September 21, 2007

Last Saturday

Last Saturday when we had rehearsal, we had Mass prior to it. Well anyway there was something that happened after communion. I didn't write about it as there was so much going on. But Marie from Views from the Pews mentioned something in the comments that brought it to light. That whole weekend was filled with grace, but as I said there was something important after communion. It was the interior words "to stretch out your arms and die." I hesitated because so much else was coming at me before that. I did do as asked and I stretch my arms out and proceeded in thought with and I die to myself. For now I have found new life.

I think I understand this one at least. We all have to die to ourselves when we put our lives in Christ, such as letting go of the old self and putting on the new. Finding greater strength in our Lord and the gifts he bestows on us. The gift of prayer for others is one we all have, the same about love. It is relearning in the process of loving God first and healing the rift that we created.

2 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

"It is relearning in the process of loving God first and healing the rift that we created."

Oh WOW! Just in that one sentence there is hours of reflection....We live in such a SELF society that we have forgotten how to be selfLESS.

God never changes, He is not contrary, He cannot sin nor abide with sin...It is WE who move away from God's Grace through our own self will.

To abide with God means MORE than just going to Mass. It means LIVING Him everyday....Gosh once again Thanks MC:).

You have given me much to reflect on.

Your sister in Christ:)


Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome! And your right God doesn't change, it is us. I thank you for always giving me some other way to see things too.

:) Your sister in Christ :)

now that made me smile widely, can you see the big grin.

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