September 26, 2007

Getting Ready

What does one take when going on retreat. I've begun to get my stuff ready, but at a loss as to how much do I take. Three sets of clothes or more, fresh understuff is understandable, but it's the outer layers that have me thinking of economy. Do I take an extra set just in case of spilling coffee or food, etc. It boggles the mind as I prepare for a long overdue journey of the soul. Even though God continues to touch my life, it is a wellspring to go off somewhere and drink of the living waters of our Lord and let Him refresh us from the daily routines of life.

Even I do not realize how living everyday can burden a soul. Not the normal ones but ones that we place on ourselves. Have I done a good job for the Lord, etc. Now that life for me has turned toward a life that was meant for me to live, I see so much differently. Even though I made God a part of my daily life before, he is even more a part of me now. How can I ever do something wonderful for him, other than sharing my love with those around me.

I thank God for this special time in my life, for the people who are a part of it. For my family and friends that I have made on here. Your all beautiful and are a part of my heart. My day when I work is spent on thoughts of our Lord, and there are moments when I offer up the joys of my heart for all those who read blogs of faith. My prayers are for the world to know love of God in a special way.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

It depends on how long the retreat is MC?

I went on a 2 day retreat and packed 2 pairs of jeans, 4 nice tops, 2 cardigans and 2 skirts for Mass..I hope that helps:)

Enjoy your retreat hon, Pray for me:)

God's abundant love to you:)

Your friend,


Marie Cecile said...

That did! The retreat is only a weekend, Friday evening until Sunday noon. Now I can pack and not feel as if I left anything out. You have them and I'm glad to offer them for you.

God's wonderful love to you also:)

Your friend,

Marie Cecile

P.S. Do you know your teaching me how to punctuate! :)

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