September 23, 2007

Found the Way

I found a way to do it, and it was not easy either. For some reason I lost a part of a program that enabled certain types of files to be downloaded and mine couldn't when I removed a program. Did that teach me a lesson, yes it did.

I learned another today too, being nice makes a difference. One time at Chapel I asked another if it would bother them if I put on the air conditioner, because it was hot in there. Today someone decided to turn up the heat in the heat without even asking. On top of it I was also having a low sugar moment, that didn't help either. I was not feeling well on top of it all. But that shouldn't have been an excuse either for me to go out the door and shut the door without thought either on my way to the bathroom. I felt so bad and unworthy to be there. It hurt me more than anyone there when I left and interiorly I felt I was a b*#@&, and I said it under my breath. I felt so dispicable to the point of apologizing to the two who were there. Is life all hunky dory all the time, no. Not at this one time. And I sat there rubbing my chest and praying for forgiveness. I asked for forgiveness from the two also, and no response. I leave it go and hope for a better visit next time. I'm human and I hurt at times and I try not to hurt others when I fail.

My dad finally came home too from the hospital. I hope each day is better as God allows us to live and to accept the pain and suffering. If I was selfish in any way then I also pray to be purged of my sin.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

If we didnt have our imperfections that would make us intolerable. How could we seek the forgiveness from the One we love if we consider ourselves perfect.

One of my biggest faults is impatience...but I am working on it very quickly LOL.

Sometimes when everything is going wrong and everyone is irritating you. You just have to stop and laugh.

Blessings to you my friend:)

Marie lol

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie. I'm so flawed it isn't funny, and yet I strive to give God the best of me and when I slip up I am sorrier than ever. And I'm glad for people such as yourself who speak the truth.

You are patient in ways others are not.

And your right, I need to laugh when things go wrong just to say it's okay, God knows anyway.

Blessing to you also my friend in Christ :)

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