September 12, 2007

Early Night

The last few days have been in preparation for next Monday night. Lesson plans laid out, rules made and next is taking care of having the opening class agenda all set up. I even called the parents last night to remind them, also because one ended up with a wrong date and not knowing which one it was, they all got called. Tonight's going to be an early night for bed, since I need to be up around 3:30 a.m. to get ready for work. I need to take my mom to the hospital for a test and she has to be there about 6 a.m.

The garden is almost done, the tomatoes are slowly ebbing. Brussel sprouts are on the rise. String beans I just picked a huge bag full and they were big one's too, since it rained for a few days.I have a couple of watermelon that are coming along. The corn fizzled and the birds in the house enjoyed the tiny ears. All in all it was a great garden and the tomatoes tasted oh so good. You definitely can tell the difference when it is grown free of chemicals, it's awesome, just the way God intended.

My brothers and sister had given my mom some fall mums and we planted them on the wall that was rebuilt, I had put a curry and lavender plant there in the spring. With some everbearing strawberries. They all look good together on there. I did sprinkle in the spring the wildflower mix and a few had come in. Those are tough to figure out if they are weeds or flower plants. The area wild grapes are close to harvesting, some of them are soo sweet.

And to top it off it was a good day with thoughts on those who I have been praying for. One thing I know for certain is prayers are one of God's gifts for us to use. Prayer delights the soul and brings us closer to God. My day is always on Him, for Him and with Him. Listening to prayerful songs aslo enables us to pray twice and lifts our hearts in an ever greater form of prayer. I think most of us already know that anyway. What can I say that hasn't already been said by someone else, somewhere, somehow and from another time. I read, but I don't read a lot, so when inspiration comes it comes from the Holy Spirit. Which is an awesome thing God does for us. It's about that time to go to sleep so I'll end here and wish all a blessed good night.

5 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...


Have you ever thought about writing a book on gardening with spiritual insight?

I love the way you combine the earthy with the spiritual and give all glory to our Creator.

As for the tomatoes. I agree we buy lots of tomatoe's from Italian market stalls on our roadways. They are simply so juicy and scrumptious.

Peace & blessings to you hon:)

Marie...PS: Getting up at 3:30AM *Shock* I am such a BEAR in the morning lol.

Marie Cecile said...

HI Marie :)

I like the smiles, and no I never thought about writing a book about gardening. I will give it some thought.

I'm sure they tasted awesome too.

You a "Bear" in the morning, somehow I don't think so. Anyone who has God isn't a bear. They wake up sweet. No matter what time it is. I hope you have a great and blessed filled day. :)

Marie said...

I love reading your insights but after such a big day you may need to rest:).

I will check back tomorrow:)

God bless you and keep you safe:)


Gabrielle said...

Your garden does sound very beautiful and fruitful, MC. I am looking forward to my fall asters; they are a gorgeous shade of lavender. They've just started to blossom.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie, your precious in God's eyes. (smiling) Thank you for asking God to keep me safe, that made my day.

Gabrielle, your garden sounds so beautiful. The color of lavender for a flower. Now I need to look up and see what an Aster looks like. I'm not all that familiar with plants.

God bless you both

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