September 03, 2007


We canned tomatoes yesterday, relaxed the rest of the day and Father Plasse paid us a visit. I think the highlight was the questions he had asked us on his quiz for the kids he teaches. I think we did pretty good ourselves. We had company yesterday and today for my mom's birthday. She has turned a lovely 74 years old and had also decided that she liked the hairdressers hairstyle so she got one herself. I tease her about it every now and then, because it is shorter than my dad's hair. I think I'm used to it now.

Well anyway it was an eye opener for sure. CCD starts pretty soon too and I'm preparing my agenda for the season. I am hoping for a better season this year after finding out how to work with 10th graders. I am actually looking forward to it and I hope this year I won't make it too boring for them to learn about the Church and faith. It is always a hope that having learned something from CCD, then they can too. I hope that what we teach will stay with them and they will want to live their life in a holy way, the way it was meant to be lived. And if I can talk and listen to our Lord after all these years and still be whole and filled with such love even when going through so many trials. So too can they. My expectations for them are high and I hope for the future with them and for them. As they say, the young are the future, it is up to us to help them on their way. And they need that light that shines bright from our hearts for them to see the love of God within.

4 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

I am sure you will do a marvelous job MC.

I think to be able to teach children that our Saints also struggled with issues will benefit them. This way the children will be able to relate to our beloved Saints. For instance, St. Teresa of the Andes struggled with pride, while Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity struggled with her temper. And that beloved Saint Therese spent many years suffering from oversensitivity.

I do wish you well MC and will keep you in my prayers. I hope you will give us updates on how things progress?

Peace & blessings


Marie Cecile said...

Oh please do, I can always use prayers. And I do appreciate your encouragement on teaching and examples of the Saints. I will read up on them and incorporate them into the lessons. I'm sure they would like that too.

God Bless

teresa_anawim said...

I was chatting with a sister a few weeks ago and Saints lives came into our conversation. I don't exactly remember the focus, but one thing she said to me was "they were saints, but after all, they were still human beings!" How I forget that sometimes....I focus on their perfections, yet somehow do not see their humanity all that much. It is still there in their writings for my benefit.
I look forward to reading the new book on St Teresa of Calcutta which I ordered....not to see that she had weak spots, but to see how she handled those dark nights and still kept on keeping on and that to Sainthood! Holding my hand as she walks with me through my dark nights. Humanity.
teresa _anawim (of-the-little-ones)

Marie Cecile said...

That's wonderful Teresa_anawim. I need to begin reading of the saints myself.

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