August 19, 2007

String Beans

I think I spent half the night awake trying to get comfortable with the pain that was part of my arm and hands. The joy of carpal tunnel! Sometimes it's not so bad, but some nights its unbearable. I did a lot of weeding yesterday without any wrist support and that is the price I paid for not doing so. It was such a glorious day too. It wasn't hot and there was a constant breeze to keep the air sweet. I thank God for giving us a beautiful day. I took my reflection walk several times yesterday too, it was a wonderful way to thank him for the gift of a day as wonderful as it was. And I rejoice in my discomfort too.

My mom was able to can several pint jars of string beans yesterday. She purchase some before and canned them already, which is good. I am looking forward to canning tomatos. Unfortunately my garden will not have enough yield to can them. At least in the way of having a dozen or two of jars. Those are so good to have when it's time to make spaghetti sauce or use in a recipe that calls for tomatos. Or just having them from the jar. We used to can outdoors using a couvat type on an open fire and doing the hot bath method. I remember we had to be careful when taking the jars out of the hot water and putting them on the picnic table. We had to hurry up and cover them with towels so the cool air wouldn't crack the jars. We did loose a few, but that's to be expected. This year I would like to be taught how to can them. I basically know how to fill the jars, but it's the cooking part that I don't know. It's the timing and such. So for me it will be a good lesson.

4 Words of Wisdom:

Anonymous said...

Like your blog!

marie said...

It's such a shame that the feminist movement infiltrated into our school system.

I haven't got a clue how to preserve foods or can anything. What used to be 'home economics' was kicked out of our curriculum because it was seen as 'patronizing' to women.

I am with Jackie...I like this blog.

Peace & blessings to you MC


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Jackie for your lovely comment.

Marie Cecile said...

Marie, your so right too. What we used to do to preserve a home and maintain is no longer the case. It's now on the importance of careers. I thank you also for your compliment too.

God bless you!

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