August 13, 2007


There is something to be said about ripping things apart. It's having to put it back together again. Yesterday I did a major upheaval in search of an item that was in a drawer. But the best part was redoing a few things and placing them in a totally new spot, which freed up some cabinet space that I was using of my parent's. How is it that we accumulate so much stuff and find that we either use it once or twice and then put it aside. Or get it and forget about it. Most often this is called out of sight out of mind. The same can be said of storage places, if we store it in one of them then we don't really need it. I don't have that problem, I had gotten rid of much of what I had a few years ago. I don't have a bed anymore either. The mattress was so old and shot that it was causing body aches. So it was replaced with an air mattress. Economical and cleaner, just don't stick it with a pin. I used to do that when I was sewing near the bed.

Lately my sister has been giving me her clothes that no longer fit her, she lost a lot of weight. Only problem with that, they didn't fit me either, they were too big. It was a good effort on her part, so I gave them back to be passed on to someone who may need them. I did the same thing when I lost weight, I gave them to the Salvation Army or the other place. Many of the dishes and other stuff I had went in that direction also. Well anyway, back to the cleaning and reorganizing, long time ago I used to keep letters, and many odds and ends. But with time I had found that I would question, why am I keeping this for. So each time I would end up throwing it away. But out of that I ended up keeping weird things, broken pieces that never did get put back together, lost items that never got paired up,missing screws and-so-forth. And not to mention the oddest of paperwork. Why did I keep that article or that magazine, that particular piece of paper, with a number but no name. What on earth was it all about and why did I keep those things? I would think along the line that somewhere it may be needed for something. Such is the mentality of keeping junk of the moment. I even began to keep things that I came across about Jesus and God. Little mementos of sayings or articles that at the time held so much meaning, but when reread I wondered what was the message.

What's the point in it all? Not a thing. The aspect of our lives is to keep so much and forget what we are really here for. I had so many romance books that I bought when I was married that I gave them away twice over. I look back now and realized those books were an escape. But even then God was there and ever present in my heart. I would also read some material on healing and some other stuff, because I was always drawn to the spiritual life. You could say that there are many times when I went through what I had and gave to the poor because it was meant to go to them. I would get rid of what is not needed. What purpose does it serve me, other than sentiment. When I see things begin to clutter then I too have to realize that if my worldly goods clutter how then am I taking care of my spiritual clutter. Am I cleaning out any excess that does not belong to God from my inner room as I clean out and organize my outer room. As I go about this, I too take stock of what is inside and give back to God what belongs to him. Sometimes it's easy to forget how much God is present in our lives when we let so much else in.

I forgot that when I was at Chapel yesterday, a lady came in with a very young child. It made my day to see one so young brought to visit. What ended up happening was quite amazing, I gave a prayer card of St Raphael to the little girl. All I knew was to give it, I didn't know to whom. The lady said how strange since St. Raphael was on her mind. So I told her it was for her as well. I didn't get to have much time with her since I also had to leave to go to Mass. I ended up going in the afternoon instead of the morning Mass. That too was awesome, and I did look up at the ceiling again, and finally came to the realization that I was given a glimpse of heaven. Just like at Christ the King Church where I also had seen a glimpse of gold and also an angel stepping out from behind a statue. There has been a lot that has been given and I treasure it all. Because God is good.

2 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

Last year we renovated most of the house and I couldn't believe the 'stuff' I had collected.

What I decided to do was to make memory journals in which I placed favourite prayers, cards with sentimental value and holy cards. As well as some Carmelite studies etc. I placed them in a large container which is kept in the spare room.

I threw out what I truly did NOT need and I was amazed at what I had accumulated of truly senseless 'stuff'.

I suppose in the end there is a little bit of 'magpie' in all of us lol.

Peace & blessings to you MC


Marie Cecile said...

That's must have been quite a time when you did that renovation. I love the memory journal you have, that's a good idea.

My mom has something similar that was done when my grandmother was alive. My grandmother would keep the prayer cards of the deceased family members in a small photo journal. Way back then they used to take a picture of the deceased and put it with the prayer card. It was a good way to keep track for family geneology.

And how right you are about us all having a little bit of, I like that word, 'magpie.' All it takes is a day of rearranging to see how truly much we have taken in. I sometimes wonder then when disaster strikes how significant a meaning it is when we loose all that we have accumulated. It's can be a scary thought.

Peace and blessings to you too Marie

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