August 04, 2007


I took my walk and paused and reflected on what I wrote, and what came about was a prayer from my heart in thankfulness for allowing me to see and know God's Holy Word in my life. It was the moment where I felt so humble before the eyes of God. I have to work very hard to pull up any weeds that attempt to grow within. The sins of everyday living and knowing where I go wrong and attempt to root it out. When I looked upon the visage of God and the Trinity and sat there in awe, that the Triune God is right before me and how blessed I am for having this special gift. It was the realization of not just seeing but hearing as well what God has chosen for me to hear, that of the living Word. And my soul rejoices for the love that has always been right before me. My God thank you for the love, for only you can touch us that deeply in such a wondrous way.

There are moments in our lives when singing God's praises are not enough, he alone can fathom the deepest recesses of our hearts and know the depth of our love for him. Let us strive to be genuine in our love for him because he sees all and knows all.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

When I first discovered "silent prayer"..just sitting in His Presence in a loving worldess exchange, I tried to share it with some ladies who were talking about prayer.The question was asked at a prayer group,"how are the differenet ways we pray?" I shared; they thought I was nuts! They even went so far as to look at each other and laugh out loud and one of them said"Why! I never heard that one before...ha ha hahaha.Talk about being shamed before a group?!!
I kept my mouth shut, never went back and knew I was on the right track...FOR ME..for the particular way God was leading me, and it was real. Since then I have met so so many who not only share that same way of prayer, but when first told about the way I pray, just smiled knowingly and understandingly!
I know what it is like to be misunderstood as to the way God shares His blessings with the soul.
I too Know what it is like to let God look into the soul in silence without words and communicate heart to heart! At times 'silence IS golden', as the saying goes.
Be encouraged,MC! God is Good.
Thanks for letting me share.

Marie Cecile said...

I understand more than anything how God can touch and speak volumes to a soul and also not have it understood by others. Your experience is heartfelt because for them they have not yet had the grace to have what you have or I have or what others who have been fortunate to be called. I believe in how real he touches because he has and continues to do so in mine. And I'm happy that you have that beautiful experience to share also. That is why we are where we are and continue to be nourished by his generous love. I know and I know oh my God, I know without doubt upon my soul his love is for us all. That no matter what others think it is what he desires that we make him known throughout the world and bring love to those who are loveless. To restore holiness in peoples lives, to make Him first in all that we do. It is a call that not many want to answer. Aww teresa_anawim thank you for what you wrote and letting me respond also. God bless you for the love in your heart. And yep God most definitely is Good, he's the pearl of great value! Oh and sharing is wonderful, it brings unity.

marie said...

Silent prayer is the prayer of love between the loved and the Beloved. When one truly loves the Triune God...who needs words?

It is like gazing at the face of a Being so enormous so awesome that words will clutter the purity of the shared moment of love.

Dont worry Teresa I used to get lots of odd looks from everyone except God who understood.

Loved this piece MC.

God's abundant love to you both:)


Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Marie God bless you!

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