August 04, 2007

Parable of Weeds

Everyone knows what a well tended garden looks like. It is devoid of weeds, the soil is lovingly taken care of and the plants are pruned of dead stuff. I put newspaper as a shortcut to halt the growth of weeds in the garden, but when that is done the garden suffers a bit. The weeds still grow! But in this lesson I learned that when we try shortcuts we get lazy in tending the plants and the soil. So both end up not doing so well.

While I was gathering some of the harvest, I also began to pull out some long over grown weeds that were what seemed like choking the plant. Out of this whole process of gathering some vegetables and doing some weeding, I began thinking about the parable of the weeds. I grew lax in my tending of the garden, yet in my faith I have been strong. As I was thinking I was recalling my attempt to keep my prayers and God, Jesus and Mary as a main focus of priority. When I go and read other blogs and attempt to respond I feel inept at the knowledge others have. How they know so many things by different authors and saints. They are well read and have a great rapport among each other. In my smallness I am simple in my faith, I don't have much to say for who or what I have read. It is a small handful and I probably read one and forgot that I did so at one time. There are a few books that I have read when I had my wonder come about and for the life of me I recall little of what was in them other than what I was supposed to gleen from them.

Oh, how truly thankful I am for the faith I do have, it may not be as others in the way of learning and at times I do fudge and make errors just like everyone else. I ask forgiveness for the times it is I, and I, and I and no one else. It is not meant to be I, I, I but we. We, who all struggle to keep our faith and eyes upon heaven, because I am not alone in this walk of faith. It is every person that we touch, it is every person that we talk to, it is every person who lives and breaths and loves. God gives us people to learn from and some to guide and some to just be there.

For me I still have a lot to learn, it is never ending, just like the weeds. They continue to grow among the plants that are fruitful. But as with my faith, if I falter and stop tending to what belongs to God then I suffer in the long run, because then I have let the weeds run amok in my life. This is where it takes time to remove and cultivate what should have been a well tended garden. I don't know but for me it makes so much sense, the parable came to life with understanding as I too tended a garden that had some good sized weeds growing.

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