August 12, 2007

New Hampshire

It was a glorious day yesterday, the drive was beautiful on my way up the mountains. I had a wonderful visit at the Shrine and the results were fantastic. I loved the breeze that played through the trees to keep the air from being overly hot. I brought my camera to take pictures without realizing that the battery needed to be charged, which I thought was. I was able to take two pictures each time the camera shut itself off.

At least I have these two showing how beautiful it was. I had the place pretty much to myself yesterday, so going around the rosary pond slowly was a delight. And as I said the breeze was delightful while praying. The ride home was very pleasant, I took a different route which took a bit longer but was worth the reflection on the way home. While I was there I remembered why it was busy when I was a kid, there used to be a seminary and a campground across from the Shrine, which accounted for the many visitors. Many from Canada as I recall. It's sad to see this beautiful place not being visited by many who travel.

Well I did have time to mow the front lawn when I got home, but when I began the back and stopped to put gas in the mower that's when I lost the blade. It fell right off when I stopped. So that means I need to use the push mower back there. Good exercise!

I prayed to find a way to rearrange what is amiss in my life, and this morning when I went to find the hook up to recharge the battery on the camera, I couldn't find it. Now this is where my prayer ended up being answered, because I ended up removing and replacing things in a more organized way. But I still didn't find the piece even when I looked for it in a drawer and moved it around. Did I have my lesson today, you bet I did. It was the beginning of putting things in order and not putting it off. I had gotten into the habit of just putting things on a shelf and not placing it too well. Yesterday I asked for help in an area that I knew I was sluggish on and this morning was my beginning. I have put God first in my life so much that I failed to take care of the needs of my surroundings and taking care of other matters that needed to be done. I ended up so focused on God that I forgot to do what he teaches us to do and that is to take care of our living life.

I put his needs above my own, which is good. But when I fail to put things away as they should then I have no one to blame but myself. When I let myself get disorganized then I didn't do what I should have. Those things don't take care of themselves. Prayer helps us to know the way, it helps us to overcome obstacles and it helps to keep our faith strong and alive. But we too need to do our part in living. He gives us the means to live faithful lives, not sloppy ones. My little downfall, not putting things away in an orderly fashion. But then again I'm not perfect and not exactly neat as a pin either. I love God because he loves me the way I am, faults and all, he doesn't judge me, instead he guides and helps me in the areas I need it most.

6 Words of Wisdom:

Gabrielle said...

I'm so glad you had a beautiful visit to the Shrine. It looks really lovely from your photos, mc.

Marie Cecile said...

I did and it is a beautiful place, and it's on a hill. The Way of the Cross is. That's where I took the picture from.

marie said...

Sometimes even trying to maintain a clean home can be a type of self enclosing chains.

I remember 2 ladies in particular. One lady had an obsession with her velvet lounge suite as soon as one of us got up she rushed over and started to brush all the lines the same way. I could tell that we were driving her crazy because we had sat on her velvet lounge and was disturbing the look of it.

Another lady I visited had everything in its right place. Then she noticed that her hubby had removed a magazine, she went berserk yelling at him that this particular magazine MUST sit beside another magazine in alphabetial ORDER!
In her attempts to have things 'perfect' she made her guests including myself feel VERY uncomfortable. I didn't dare touch a thing in case that too NEEDED to be exactly there!

What I discovered was that these ladies had created 'chains' they did not enjoy their homes they had made themselves prisoners of it.

Excellent reflection TY MC


Marie Cecile said...

That sounds like obsesive compulsive, a difficult disorder in it's own right. It's hard for people who have that. I don't have that problem, mine is putting it there and leaving it there and not putting it away until quite sometime later. Being honest I got into a lazy habit, I wasn't brought up that way either.

Thank you also Marie for your insight into chains, I would never have thought in that regard.

teresa_anawim said...

What a lovely account and nice photos, mc! I have not been visiting the blogs for several days and ma trying to get caught up.

Marie Cecile said...

You have been missed teresa_anawim and I'm thankful for your visit!

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