August 05, 2007

A Hug

After Mass I did a batch of wash, and while waiting for that to finish I went and did more weeding. Mass was beautiful as usual, but it was even better because Sister Therese and I walked in together. God loves her very much, and I am happy that she is loved by him. Which had me thinking after our conversation about the call to religious life.

That's when I was hanging out the clothes and the thought of is this truly what is being asked of me or is it something else. The thought of an upcoming retreat was also on my mind too. So when a breeze touched me and brought the fullness of joy to my heart, it was awesome to know I was just given a hug by God. You can't imagine the joy that filled me the moment I felt his presence at his touch. There is nothing on this earth that could ever bring close to ten minutes the love of God in such a way as he does when he comes and embraces us in spirit. For me it was absolutely heaven on earth, that's the only way to describe the happiness that I knew. And it was so very real, what a blessing.

After I had to go and get my medicine so on the way back I stopped to pay a visit at the cemetery where my brother and grandparents are buried and a few other relatives. I had some time before chapel so this was a slight detour. It was a good visit there and I stopped at my great grand mothers grave and in thought apologized for the one and only memory of her. It was as a young kid and at my grandparents apartment in Holyoke that I opened the door and whacked her in the elbow. I remember how sorry I was too. This is one memory of her that I can recall with clarity. That and taking walks alone without fear of the neighborhood. The stories I had heard should have scared the daylights out of me, but they never did. Now as an adult and looking back on somethings, the things that I did fear were truly insignificant. I don't live on these memories, it's like anything else in life, there are somethings that we must learn by what we are remembering, such as forgiveness and love for those who have gone before us. But most especially prayer for them. I will end here for today as it was a good day and a blessed one on top of it.

2 Words of Wisdom:

Marie said...

What a lovely and thoughtful reflection.

You have a lovely blog and so I will add it to my blog favourites?

Thanking you in advance:).


Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Marie, I would also like to do the same. Please leave me a link so I may do so. God Bless you :)

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