August 30, 2007

A Few Minutes

I have a few minutes this morning to write a little. I seem to write about the other day rather than the now (smiling), but in all honesty it was a good one. I was thinking of my direction and where I am headed. It was a very profound thinking process but one that was very insightful. I knew more than anything that life for me is not one that is normal in the sense of what we deem normal. It is a life of awakening the deepest yearnings of the soul, one where God is the first and foremost. It is where I choose to be and where I know I belong for the rest of my life. This morning it was brought home more so when thoughts came that were uninvited. And I knew that it was temptation that peeked through and a test to see if my heart is where it belongs. Oops time to go. Have a blessed day today!

5 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...


Being mindful of God and remaining in His Presence should be the norm for us all.

It is abnormal to focus only on the temporal at the cost of our spiritual lives.

I really gain so much from reading your blog and it reminds me to keep God in the forefront of ALL that I do and say.

Thanks for reminding me of that:)

Peace & blessings to you:)


Marie Cecile said...

Your welcome Marie! I keep reminding myself everyday even when I don't have to. The love is there and so strong.

God Bless

teresa_anawim said...

Ditto to what marie said about benefiting from your blog; the examples of life which we read from others' sharing on their blogs give us glimpses into our own lives!
Thanks for writing each day, even if it just a brief paragraph or two which you have the time for,MC! I get a lot for my own Catholic walk from your inspiration.

Marie Cecile said...

It is I who thank all of you for the gift of your love and friendship you share with me. That is an inspiration for me, the love of God shared by all of you gladdens my heart more than anyone can know. When I read the love others have for God and know how authentic that love is, I feel as if I could soar to the heavens from the happiness. Because it is then that I know that God knows that others love Him too. And to me that is a blessing.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Thank god some bloggers can write. Thanks for this blog..

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