August 11, 2007

Answered Prayers

Prayers do get answered and mine were last night. I awoke just past midnight to come to the realization that I forgot my teeth guard. I searched everywhere, including my housecoat. Did not find it. So I asked dear St. Anthony to help me find it. Then I went back to bed and tried to get comfortable with my hands throbbing, so this time I asked Jesus to take the pain away so I could sleep. Well it was awesome because I slept soundly without pain. And this morning I found my teeth guard in my housecoat pocket, it wasn't there last night. I checked those pockets more than once.

Then this morning I was checking the graphics on my computer because they aren't looking so good and I decided to check bloglines and I opened up an updated blog. All the while the music is playing on my computer, but what was real interesting was the lyrics that Christ's Rose had on her blog. As I had clicked on her blog name to read what was there, at the same time as I began to read the lyrics the song also began to play in time with the lyrics, word for word. Coincidental and how often does something like that happen. It don't, only by the grace of God. He gives us treasures to share with each other when we need to give them. His love reached out across the seas and the earth to touch a soul in need, this I believe.

Yesterday I was thinking about making a journey to LaSalette in New Hampshire today, and upon reflection with prayers answered and then the beautiful moment when tune and time and words all are united then it's safe to say it's a go. As Jesus also went up to the mountains to pray, then this too is where I must go to refresh myself. We all need time and space to pause for God fully without distraction. Sometimes alone, sometimes not depending on the need.

2 Words of Wisdom:

AutumnRose said...

I am so blessed to have been a part of that answer to prayer, thank You Lord for using me to help Marie Cecile xx

Marie Cecile said...

I thank him too for that autumnrose. He certainly does things in a nice way doesn't he, especially when he blesses us each day. xx

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