August 28, 2007


Since there is a holiday coming up, there is overtime again this week. What choice is there to make when doing overtime helps take care of the bills, but no room for anything else. I began to wonder if it is worth it when my spiritual life begins to take a beating. When we are tired and have no energy to stay an hour much less even twenty minutes for Adoration. I noticed this yesterday when I paid my visit and I discovered my failing spirit. Yet on and off I would pray throughout the day. Is it worth it again to tire myself in spirit doing more to achieve more in order that things get better. What is important for me is my relationship with God, and his giving me the opportunity to get a bit ahead. I see his hand in taking care of extra needed help, and he continues to be generous in spirit when we lag behind to give a boost. But in all this I too must do my part and give my all to him. My flagging spirit, my tired body and mind after a long day with excessive noise and chatter. In those moments of thought my mind wanders to his love and again my thought would come to say, I love you very much.

7 Words of Wisdom:

marie said...

Prayer not only consists in time alone with Our Lord. One can also turn their work into a prayer.

I know when I worked full time I was in an internal conversation/quiet listening as I continued my work duties. None of my work collegues noticed...but I never forgot God for a second.

This is just a suggested MC but turn your work into prayer as if Jesus were standing right there beside you..because He is.

Peace & blessings:)


Marie said...

Ginny and I have nominated you for the 'Nice Matters Award'.

Peace & blessings

Marie & Ginny

Marie Cecile said...

Oh Marie, my thoughts are always on our Lord, but I like your suggestion of turning work into prayer, rather than just praying. I love it.

Thank you for what you said, I'm at a loss for words at the moment.

God bless you

teresa_anawim said...

Hi MC!
When I was going out into the workplace every day, I made sure I kept my set- aside times with God am and pm. Only rarely could I get to a daily mass and then I made the trip out to Lowell for a few 'get away' hours in the Shrine.
Usually my jam packed day left me only 15 minutes to either read eat or tend to those looking for repairs, or time to chill and chat. At times I had to ask to be alone for a few minutes, and those I worked,performed with or taught understood. My life was centered in God within my work, and my arrow prayers went up throughout the day.
Even when I was not praying consciously, He was along side, because that was what He had given me to do in the secular world! I would read the lives of my favorite saints and apply their writings to my life, but I realized that I was not being asked to live the life of a conventual while the will of God for me was living in the secular world. When I discovered the difference, then I had peace in what I was given to do. I couldn't be doing spiritual reading or lectio or go to the Church for hours each day. It was not possible.
Now, I realize you feel called to religious life, and that you feel that the Lord is having you prepare for this by working and paying off your debts. But He isn't a hard taskmaster..He only asks you to do what you are able to do in the place He has put you at any given time. I am not in any way a spiritual dirtector, but from experience, and knowing that at present you are a member of a Third Order, is a suggestion coming from one who is also in a Secular Order who has been right where you are now(in the workplace , swamped for time, and unable and at times too tired to do what you want to do spiritually)...try living that Third Order Rule the best you can until that day when those debts are paid off and you enter aspirancy /noviitiate for the Convent.

I wish you that Perect Peace that Passes all Understanding.

Marie Cecile said...

Hi teresa_anawim

Thank you! I bring reading material for the soul for break time reading. It's not always successful since there are a few men in the place who rather attempt to conquer, lol, and they don't realize my heart belongs to God even when my spiritual reading is right there in front of their eyes. But that is also a lesson for me too. I will try what you and Marie suggests in order to keep ever vigilant while keeping my aim on my future spouse. I know that's where I belong with all my heart, it is with him and only him.

teresa_anawim said...

Temptations like those, I find from life, will come:
1)from without(those fellows who very well know where your heart is by the books in your hand and your daily actions) and
2) from within..our hormones!
Sometimes it seems that both work together to overcome one's purposeful intent for holiness.

I may be 58, but I experience BOTH, and each time I experience these temptations, I assess their source and then I pray a phrase which I found in the liturgy of morning prayer which spoke to me very loudly one day in my heart:
"Keep me singleminded in Your service".

Marie Cecile said...

I like what you said teresa_anawim, "keep me singleminded in Your service." Sometimes I think I need an adjustment in my thinking.

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