July 07, 2007


One thing I have been learning each day is the ability to understand with certainty what God has done in my life. Sometimes we have blinders on for a reason and when we are ready they are removed. Sometimes it's the concept that has us baffled until later we see fully what's up. Each day when I read the day's Gospel it brings me to an understanding. Is it possible to have that, oh yeah. I've wondered why did it take me so long to grasp the extent of what was going on. Little did I know that's how God works at times. It's not always an instant thing when we are being prepared. The same when we discern a vocation, that too is not quick thing.

When I read today's Gospel about wineskin's, I had a strange thought about old age. How our skins are thin. But it was the thought about being set in our ways that came to mind. When we are old we don't want to change how we think. When God intervened in my life, I thought I was old, but I wasn't. I ended up having his wine poured into my skin and my skin holding the wine he gave me. Today's reading made so much sense to me. For me the bridegroom is ever present in my life and I feel like a young new wineskin. The days when I am away from our Lord are the days I fast because it's those days I pushed him away. Fasting not so much in the food way, but in what gives me happiness, I take away what took him away. I've taken much out of my life already, but when I find I am doing something or saying something that puts me at a distance from our Father, then I make reparation. I think I'm afraid I might burst the wineskin and spoil what God has made new. God love you.

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