July 31, 2007

Walk the Walk

I stepped out to walk and was just to head down the driveway and a big chubby rabbit saw me and ran into the driveway and stopped. So I began to talk to it because it was just there, so I turned around to go the other way and saw momma deer and the fawn just begin to hightail it into the woods. It seems they were by the shed grazing and my loud chatter with the rabbit set them off. How wonderful God is to allow me to see these majestic creatures. I was thinking about that the other day too about how nice it would be to see the young one again.

It was a good day all around, I went to work, left work for a doctor's appointment and back to work again. That was a first time that a doctor was so personable while doing the test. In a way it takes a persons mind off of being zapped while being tested for carpal tunnel, which I have. Wonders never cease though to come across that. He was so nice to talk with and we shared faith. I loved his telling of a novena to St. Joseph for a family member who was dying and in need of being brought back to God. The smile that appeared on the person face when passing was a beautiful answer. I hope I am relating this right about what he said, or very close to it. That to me was awesome to know how powerful the saints are when we go to them for our needs as well as when we go to God and Jesus and Mary.

While I was walking I began to think back about the conversation the doctor and I had, and on my way back to work, doubts began to surface. But when I was walking the thought about how the devil can cause doubt when we are doing God's work touched me. I believe the Holy Spirit was there to help me to understand that each time I would speak about what I saw, it would cause the devil to strike. I have found that when thoughts come about while praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament that do not belong I instantly banish the evil that tempts me away from prayer. As I have found it is the same when revealing God's love. The evil one will not win, because God is stronger and God is love and love conquers evil. But as my walk progressed knowing this made my step all the more lighter and bouncier if that's possible.

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