July 27, 2007

The other day I was amazed by a particular song that captured my attention, so I did the usual and listen to it, never once thinking about the others that were eventually played. So when I went to bed, I asked a peculiar question and at the moment I don't remember what it was I asked. But when I got up in the morning there wasn't anything unusual to recall. So I busied myself getting ready for work, but that one morning the other day was a bit different. I kept repeating the words "right in front of you." I knew I heard it before but still didn't put it together as yet. Today at work I listened to the same CD with "I'm Alive" on it and when the next song played I was kinda shocked to hear the words I kept repeating. So I really began to listen to the song and I thought, he has been right in front of me, on my computer, in Adoration, at communion, just all the time.

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