July 13, 2007

Something New

I haven't been writing lately. I let discouragement in. And I need to remove what hinders me from doing God's will and work. The other day I went to pay a visit at Chapel and came across a person who said hi to me.

This person works at the same place I do. It is nice to come across people who God has touched in unique ways. He told me how he was touched by Jesus and it brought him and his family back to the Church. This all happened a year ago for him. Now that I recall I had seen him and his family at Chapel a few times before. He gives a few people a ride to work and on Friday mornings he stops at the Chapel with those he gives a ride and they pay a visit too. I think it's wonderful that he had gotten others involved. When he told me that, I was amazed and I sat at work pondering what I'm doing wrong. It must be the way I come across. I was never good at relating to people. Well anyway before I go to work today, I wanted to share this about this young man. (corrected gramatical errors).

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

I haven't been here for several posts, but I do appreciate your blog MC!
You are doing a great work in your everyday life...there are so many things we can do, ..some unseen and very ordinary...some visual and extraordinary. God is the one who gives us the tasks and the fruit! Do not be discouraged...just keep going along faithfully one ordinary day at a time...He is right in the middle of your ordinariness!
I think of the time before Our Lord's ministry began and how Our Lady must have had to live a very ordinary life as a carpenter's wife and mmother of a toddler!!!
Or the ordinariness of the wives of the Apostles as their men went off to do their "disciple work" and left them home to live the single life. Nevertheless, those wives were just as much disciples as any...they were functioning as the Lord had planned their lives..one day at a time. Then...later on...who knows what He has planned.!!??
Things will work out. You have a sincere heart and are an inspiration.

Marie Cecile said...

Teresa_anawim thank you for what you wrote and reminding me, that even our heavenly family lived in such an ordinary way. I don't go and respond at other blogs because I don't try to get them to come to mine. I've done that and found sarcasm or nothing at all as if they didn't want to know me. The devil has done his damage. So now I just write sporadically without thought that it may inspire others. I just write what comes from my heart and what happens in my life. But that does not include the harsh, lest it sound like a complaint.

teresa_anawim said...

well, dear, you are ALWAYS welcome at
To Love and To Pray. Even to just comment a simple 'Hi' if you want.
At times readers just go over to other blogs and show their encouragement and their thanks to other bloggers by just posting a "thank you for this post which speaks to me today".
Never feel you are not welcome at To Love and To Pray...in time of Blessing and Time of Discouragement and trial as well!
(Hey....you are a fellow Massachusetts resident too,MC!)

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you Teresa for the reminder of what I should do. Just go and say thank you.

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