July 02, 2007


Ever get to the point in life where we become ashamed of the level we are at. I have many a time. But not as much as recently when atempting to make things better. Trying so very hard to get out of a hole is the toughest climb a person can ever do by themselves. Yet it is a grace to be in it. And there are always better days even on the not so good days.

The garden is looking good, one of the fruits of the labor is the radish, they have been coming up. And they are hot to the taste bud. To think that this is one garden that is free of chemicals, from pesticides to the stuff for growing, none are being used. Long before the gotta plant it this way and fertilize that way, it did just fine before we potioned them. Unfortunately all the seeds that are sown are from plants that have long since lost the battle to the age of change. They all are some sort of hybrid and probably not a true seed at all.

Look at all the food we ingest that is processed, mostly chemicals too. Everything today is that way. What isn't! We can't say that about ourselves either. Over the counter medicine, processed foods, plastic containers, foods that are laced with pesticides, and I could go on and on. Even the babies today are born loaded with chemicals, we are polluted 100 proof and we wonder why there is so many problems with our bodies. We are a tough world, all for the sake of making things better and faster, yet it is making it worst. We dump trash and so much garbage in the ocean, and we wonder where the fish are. We use the ocean as a place to try the bombs and not once ever wonder why the sea mammals beach themselves.

Then we question where is God in all this, when we took him out of the picture and tried our hand at playing God by creating clones and other things that change what was originally created and is now probably lost. Is it possible that we can open our eyes and see what we are doing wrong and start correcting it before it's too late Or did we go too far already. Good question.

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