July 29, 2007

Like a Flower

By now it's a no show, and Mass was awesome. There was nothing up there on the ceiling again. I recalled on my way home how strange that a square area above be as a window into the Divine. Was it possible that it was and I had the grace to see it. I'll never forget it, seeing the gold movement up there with a light behind it.

Just as the words of a song title came through in the early morning hours after waking up the other day. I discounted it as from listening to the other song, yet this one had significance, it wasn't the song itself, but the title "Right in Front of You." It had to do with a question one night before bed about what my mission in life is and I got that particular answer the next morning when that came and I kept repeating the words for the who knows how long. But it was as if it were a litany, being upon my lips, my thought and it would not let go. When I thought about how Jesus is perpetually in front of me it went away. And he is right in front of me too, on my computer screen, in Adoration, at Mass, but always in thought. He is right there and I didn't have to look very far to know what my mission is.

We are like the plants that bloom with flowers, we blossom, we are fragrant, we die but when the plant is alive it blossoms with more blooms for the life of the plant until finally it too has reached it's end. But we who are like the flowers unfurl and grow with the life of the plant and for many it is the life of Christ who gives us the fragrance that comes when we open fully.

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