July 15, 2007

God's Love

I remembered something unique at Mass this morning that happened last Sunday at Mass. After communion I was drawn to look up at the ceiling to see movement of a reflection of gold directly above the altar. I chalked it up to the chalice and the lights and the light outside combined together. It was interesting to see such movement. I remembered it today and looked up at the time it would have been reflected and there was nothing there. So again next Sunday I hope to remember and look up after communion to see if it will happen again. I am thankful for the reminder and for the possibility of having to have witnessed another of God's phenomena.

One thing I am thankful for is I no longer question myself about what I saw or see. I thank him instead for the gift of his love. For opening my eyes and heart to what belongs to him. At times I think it is his way of reinforcing what he is doing in my life, showing me his love in ways not many would understand. I know I have loved God all my life, he was and always will be my rock. When I find myself going through those times when I am uncertain about it all, I can only do what I have done countless times and just talk to him and ask him to help me to understand it all.

I'm not always guaranteed a response but in due time something is revealed to warrant an answer. One thing I have noticed about myself since before I saw him, I was never calm as I have been since. Calm in the way of peace. There is a difference between then and now.

I have been trying to put my life back on track in another way, but in that regard I have put off writing a letter. It has come to mind recently and in that light that means I must do what I need to do. When God calls and continues to do so then I on my part must stop putting it off because things are left undone. I don't even know if that makes any sense. I put it off because of a situation that stops me from going further. And God knows this better than I do and he is nudging me along the way. I love him so much and I hurt him the most. As a child of his my heart bleeds for the pain he suffered at my hands. And because his love is so great he forgives lovingly and continues to love far beyond what we expect. On the human level we know how love is in our way, but we don't even comprehend God's way of love. It's beautiful and worth going after.

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