July 22, 2007

Deer and Fawn

I looked up again today and didn't see the movement on the ceiling, thankfully. On my way home it was nice to see a deer and a fawn cross the street. She turned back onto the street and stood facing my car as I was stopped for a few seconds. This is the first sighting of the young since their birth. My mom saw one this morning when she was walking the dog. So today was a day for sighting wildlife. But tonight was an evening of scents. After I took the clothes off the line outside, I went toward the garden but as I was walking a breeze wafted by with the most delightful scent. All I could do at the moment was stand there and sniff the air, lol it reminded me when I saw my dog long ago doing the same thing when he smelled something in the air. I couldn't help but be reminded of that as I was doing the sniff, sniff thing myself. Oh well, there are somethings that do make for funny moments and that was it. Those are precious moments when the air is alive with floral scents and no flower is near that smells so good as that. And for us the only flower happens to be a tiger lily and believe me I went by and sniffed it and there is no scent there. Not much else today except a lot of reflection.

4 Words of Wisdom:

teresa_anawim said...

Living in the inner city, I don't get to see the deer or smell the freshness of the 'burbs'.
My brother who lives near Rhode Island and has a lot of land tells me of the deeer that cause his backyard light to go on at night,...the foxes and possum and whatnot. On my way back from the Lowell Shrine 3 weeks ago I saw a deer on the Middlesex Turnpike and that, for me, was a 'kodak moment' LOL!
You are blessed to live there, MC.
Have a wonderful, grace filled day tomorrow!

Marie Cecile said...

I'm glad you were able to see a deer, they are one of the most beautiful creatures God has made. I didn't know there was a Shrine up in Lowell. The last time I was there was in High School on a field trip with Mr. Bradshaw to Lowell High School.

Anyway I hope you were able to take a "kodak" moment picture of the deer that day. I couldn't even though I had my camera with me.

Living in the inner city can be tough on the senses, but when you get to go into the 'burbs' then it's the nicest thing to be able to breathe and smell and see the beauty of life. Even though we live in a fairly wooded area, it is being developed and what was once quiet is no longer. When I go off to the mountains or to areas that are of forest land I recover the lost aspect of what God has made. It renews my senses of the air and-so-forth. We are all blessed in that regard when we can take moments and breathe.

I hope you also have a wonderful, grace filled day too teresa_anawin God Bless

teresa_anawim said...

Actually, the St Joseph Shrine is right next to the High School, MC.
Here is a picture of the altar. All around the shrine are lifesize statues of sain after saint, with banks of candles. One of these days I will put up a link on 2Love & 2Pray


Marie Cecile said...

teresa_anawim thank you for letting me know where the Shrine is and the link to the beautiful picture or the Altar. It's awesome

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