June 11, 2007


It was a hectic weekend this week. After having finished the first week on the new job, I had an appointment with my friend for an evening out. She's the one who was married by the J.P. Anyway, after work Saturday, thankfully was only four hours, I had to hurry to get to Onset, MA where they were located just at the beginning of the Cape. Making a stop on the highway to use the restroom to clean up and change clothes. I smelled like a bread factory and oven cleaner, the clothes anyway. I didn't want to smell like that for the next two hours in the car.

It was a pleasant drive even though it was misting out. A ride in reflection and at times listening to spiritual music. I arrived there on time but not at the correct address, she gave me east and not west for the street. I went around three times looking, finally calling her to ask her where is the address. Laughing by now, it was the one on the other side of the one I was on. Finally arrival! I had the pleasure to meet a very nice lady who owns the house who also has M.S. I didn't even know she had it, she looks great. After getting acquainted and then they had to get ready, we finally set out to go to dinner. We took off to head to Randolph to meet up with another of her friends who was also going to be with us at dinner. What a nice place we went to. I have to mention, that my friend used to live in that area before she moved out to the Springfield area.

There was a great conversation during dinner about families and why some make it and some don't when they were all brought up with the same values. It was interesting what they all shared. How they turned out okay against all odds and how someone else in their family did not. It came down to who entered our lives when we were younger and how they made an impact in our lives. From there we went to a nightclub to meet up with another of her friends, where we spent about two hours watching the people in there. What I liked the most was seeing a crucifix hanging from the neck of her friend that we met there. Her faith was showing.

I have to mention this whole evening was her night out before she marries in her Church, in two weeks. This was her shower in a most unusual way but it was hers and hers alone. She even had a head piece given to her that said "Bride to be," that she had to wear. Which she didn't that much. A few of the ladies were asked to dance by some of the men, they refused. These women are all married that I was out with and respect their marriages. They are faithful to their husbands. This was the first time each of us had ever gone to this place except for the bride to be.

We went back to the house and all promptly went to bed. Finally Sunday arrives and I waited for the others to get up before I could leave. I left there around 9 a.m. to head back home to prepare to go to the Prayer for Vocations and Rosary walk with the Blessed Sacrament which started at 3 p.m. I went last year and this year too. Only difference, I had to leave after we arrived at the first stop on the walk. There was something different about being there this year, I didn't feel as if I belonged there. I don't know what it was, it just seemed as if I wasn't wanted there. I always have felt wonderful when ever the Blessed Sacrament is exposed but it was not so this time. Anyway it was also at the Church that has the fifteen minute Masses during the week. But to make this a bit short as I have already written so much, I left and high tailed it back to my car and from there went to Mass at my Parish. The Parish hall is coming along nicely, it is being built and seeing the shell is good. You know something, Mass is important because there I knew he was with me. It was a beautiful experience after the consecration.

It was during the Mass that this is where I belong where I felt alive. What a difference from one place to the next. Adoration is wonderful, but Mass had to be fulfilled in order to complete Adoration. There are components to go by in our lives, rituals that we do but none are as important as Sunday Mass. It is with this in thought that should I have had the opportunity to have gone to Mass first then Adoration, the difference would have been there. And maybe not, since there was coolness to some of the people present, including his priests.

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