June 15, 2007

A Visit

The other day Father Plasse had come over and had supper. It was a wonderful visit. He did a catechesis on Exodus with some picture cards that he demonstrated for us that he uses with his children in CCD. I've only read the Bible once completely from front to back and that was about twenty years ago. We didn't do so well with matching the pictures and the events of the time. Most of what is retained in memory is from the Sunday Gospels and the commandments. That taught me something about how ignorant I am on many of the events in the Old Testament. Some of the lesser known ones anyway.

We all had a nice conversation and heard a touching story. It touches them when peoples lives are touched by a Priest. They don't often know about some of the life changing things unless a person relates it to them and lets them know. How often do we let them know their prayers have been answered for us. It's remarkable how hard they work for God's Kingdom and often are rejected because of a few bad ones.

As I was reading today's Gospel and reflecting on it, it brought to mind how errant we all are. None of us are perfect even those that are called to the Religious life. They are human as we all are. We don't always do the right thing, neither do they. But because their life is hidden and open in a different way than all ours are they are more scrutinized. Mostly because they are called to live a holy life, they are to be models of perfection.

For us we don't often hear of things in regular families unless they are well known about imperfections as we are apt to look for in others. I know in my family none of us are perfect, we all have our problems and issues we deal with daily. At least with faith we try to correct what we find wrong with ourselves. The test of faith is often a difficult road to travel and when your lost on that road and God comes and finds you, then we all rejoice in the saving. He is our Father he is our brother he is our spirit. With him in our lives we live.

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