June 02, 2007


The scents that I wrote about are of the floral nature, we were traveling when we passed by one of the trees that has a delightful scent to their flowers. Similar to the smell of a blend of roses and something else. I am glad to say it wasn't of the heavenly aroma that I have had the grace to smell before. But I tell you it sure is close to it.

Anyway, the reason behind the travels was a visit to one of the Convents that I was going to check out. I was told to go and see and I did. I left my name and number with them for one of the Sisters to contact me about a vocation. The one I spoke to didn't understand why the Sister in my Parish had told me to just go. I kinda think it may have had to do with seeing the place to get a feel for it and seeing if it generates the "home" feeling. I definitely had the peaceful feeling. My parents had accompanied me on this trip too. We ended up making a day of visits, since we were not too far we went to my mom's favorite Shrine.

On the way via a different route we came across one we didn't even know existed. Our Lady of Fatima Shrine in Holliston, MA. What a beautiful place! At this moment I am unable to upload some of the pictures I took. Hopefully later I will be. We also had the little dog with us, and no pets are allowed on the grounds of the Shrine, (cough) they didn't see the sign. They kept him with them while sitting on a bench in the shade. My dad had to keep checking the radiator because at the Convent it sprouted and needed a plug which a nice gentleman had given my dad a makeshift plug, it worked too.

I was amazed at the many places that had signs saying "hiring," and here this is an hour or more of a drive from where we live. I was thinking to myself, I'm coming this way for a decent job. Sometimes so very hard to find. Well anyway we left this Shrine and headed toward LaSalette. By then it was hot and humid and travelling with no air conditioning in case of the radiator sprouting again. I'm glad we went there, they had the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for first Friday. I made use of the confessional too. It's always good to go to that sacrament when life gives us trials, it helps to release the worries that the world gives us.

From there we went home, had a bite to eat on the way back. We stopped at Hebert's Candy Mansion, that was nice. We came out to a thunder storm, where the temperature finally came down and cooled off some. It was a pleasant ride back home. My mom and dad were able to do their Adoration hour at the Chapel. Once we got home I had a message to call from one of the places I applied at. So last night I had a job interview, I left that after 9 p.m.

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