June 15, 2007

Time Away

I've made a decision to stop posting on this blog for a while. There is a change going on in my life and it's time that things get taken care of. I've given my story of faith and what miracle God has provided for me and shared it with those who need a touch of faith in their life. I hope it has touched others lives and somehow made a change for them too.

There was something an old boyfriend had asked me one time, why is it that my little miracle hasn't drawn people to me. I told him it was because I asked that no one be drawn to me but to the Chapel where all is due to our Lord, I think I mentioned this before. Well anyway, I have my pictures that show some extraordinary things that should not be there. And in my travels from one point to another they may be shown to some unknown person seeking the face of our Lord when they are in need. I carry a photo album of them. My work is never finished for the Lord. Everything is for him. Who knows maybe after awhile I will post something about what is going on and what God is doing in my life, but for now it is time for me to step out of the picture and let God do his stuff. God Bless

4 Words of Wisdom:

mary teresa said...

MARIE CECILE Your writing is very inspirering sorry that you are stoping to write I will miss reading your blog.

Marie Cecile said...

Teresa thank you for your comment, it touched my heart. I've had sometime to think about not posting and found I would miss writing about much of what God is doing. And came to conclusion that I am supposed to continue to do so. God does work in mysterious ways and puts us in the odds to work things out and sometimes to see if we are doing his will and not ours. God bless you Teresa and I hope you come back and continue reading.

teresa_anawim said...

I am so glad you are not shutting down.
Every now and then I find I need a break from the blog and just let the site lie dormant until I return.
I regret deleting the Blogger site, though(catholic pushing 60), because I could have ttransferred everything over to St Blogs when I moved over there.
Breaks are good, but I am glad you are still going to continue, mc.


Marie Cecile said...

I'm glad too. I'm sorry that you closed Catholic Pushing 60 too, is there a way you can re-open it? That's one thing i've discovered is to not delete. Bad enough changing a posting is tough to do. I often wondered how to do a strike through so a mended word or sentence is shown. Lol my English is not always that good or eloquent. But yours Teresa is wonderful, your an inspiration to us all. I love spiritual music and I can not sing too well or play a single instrument and that was my desire to learn how and it's something that I lack big time.

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