June 06, 2007

Part of the Journey

What a beautiful day today was, it was filled with anticipation. Don't know about what as yet but it was nice anyway. I had a good morning when a thought came to mind and from that an acknowledgement of it. God does work wonderfully and when we let ourselves realize the truth of his ways we find out how truly loved we are by him. It doesn't matter what others think but what God thinks of us and about us.

One thing I have found out, I'm terrible with math in thought, but on paper I do very well. It's worse when I get nervous in front of people. That happened to me today when I was making change for a person. Since I'm new to what the system uses it is taking a bit of time learning it. Only two days on and off on both days working with the register. I've been doing a lot of prep work and today was inventory day. Now that was different. Not as tired today after lifting up those boxes that came in and had to be put away. I came home yesterday so tired I was in bed way too early. It was good though, since it was the first day on the job.

Now I need the time to write my letter and get that sent out. I don't get a chance to have a break at work as there is no time to have one, and if it is it's brief. So hopefully after work I can tackle it. Today I mowed the lawn, after the belt was put back, since I knocked it off with a branch. The lawn was getting a bit high. The garden is looking good. Not all the corn came up unfortunately. The little critters found themselves something good to eat. Same with my sunflower seeds, those came up and got eaten and dug up, sneaky little chipmunks. Found a snake skin stuck in the stairs outside, scared the daylights out of me, I definitely do not like snakes. When I was young I used to mow the lawn and once I saw a snake that was the end of mowing, in the house I went. It's not as bad now, but I still don't like them.

There is a pair of frogs in my window well every year. This year when I turn on the water to water the garden, I always say something to them, they are kind of cute. I managed to move a big cement statue of Jesus to the back yard where rhodies are growing and there is a cut-out for a bench. That's where I put him. He looks at home there. A smaller one was put in the garden, it's his garden. It was made with him in thought. It's a blessing to wake up everyday and know that we are loved by God. He loves us all so much.

2 Words of Wisdom:

AutumnRose said...

I love to read your blog! It is soft on my soul :) xx

Marie Cecile said...

Aww thank you autumnrose. You made my heart smile. :) xx

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