June 20, 2007


I slept well last night, but from three a.m on it was a constant wake up. So each time I awoke I began to pray the Our Father, in the process of that I ended up falling back to sleep. On my day off on Monday I applied to many jobs, I actually had one call for an interview, I was shocked. I don't know how to arrange a time that is off the job to be interviewed. This one was tough because it was out of State. I managed to go, I thought it went well and they will call in the next few days to arrange a second interview. If not, then I look at it in a way as it wasn't meant to be. I've put every effort into God's hands. I do my best and go from there and keep a positive attitude as much as possible.

There was a question asked, why did I take the job where I am. I said it's because I needed a job. It's hard these days to find one that has benefits and willing to take a chance on you and train you. I can't change my past but I can try to have a better future with God as my co-pilot.

I feel for the kids these days when they don't go on to continue their education. It's hard not thinking about the future, but in a sense when they are learning this is the time for them to apply themselves. Some of us didn't do this and find ourselves struggling as we get older. Not all of us have a spouse to rely upon or family. Many are very alone out there with no one to turn to when the chips are down and their life seems to be in the pits of hell. One thing I am grateful for is the understanding of their situation. Sometimes we go through life without thought of those less fortunate in our own towns and cities, because we are focused on the third world poverty. That's good too to be focused where the need is in the world. Until later. Have a blessed day.

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