June 12, 2007


One of my cousins had come over yesterday. We ended up visiting a family priest for her to get a copy of some of the family genealogy on my dad's side of the family. It's always interesting to know how far back family histories go. It was a good day too because we spoke about vocations. Not with the priest but between ourselves. When we were looking at the genealogy there were four that had become Sisters, and all in the same community.

Today I have a split shift at work, I did the morning part and came home and did some gardening. I needed to put some poles for the beans to climb. So cutting down a few saplings was a chore. In the process of that, the dog got loose and off we went in chase of the little runaway. A nice couple managed to capture him before he went too far. I told my mom, the dog obedience school hasn't paid off because the little imp didn't listen.

Boy does that sound familiar, like when we grew up did we listen to our parent's when they called. Or for that matter do we listen when God calls us. Or when he speaks to our heart. Listening is part of obedience. I sometimes ask, Lord is it your will or mine. Is this what you ask of me or is it what I want to do. And usually after asking these questions if it is mine it goes away. His will always stays so I end up knowing what I have to do. But it is always in asking if it is his or mine. It's never easy discerning.

I have a well read garden, it is filled with newspaper to keep the weeds from growing too fast. A little pun on words. The tomato plants have flowers and the zucchini do too. The pepper plants have little buds on them too. It's too bad that out of four rows of corn I only have one and a half. The corn was too tempting for the birds,I remember seeing way too many of them picking at the ground out there. Well they have to eat too. Either that or get a bag of corn and put it in the bird feeder. My knee is healing, it isn't so bad when I sit or kneel. But every now and then a certain position and then it throbs. Those trials can be quite a trial when things hurt. But after awhile the pain goes away and getting back on track is usually the way. I think that's where we tend to develop strength in things we do without complaining of our woes. At least try to anyway. I try not to complain about the aches and pains, because they do go away. And I don't want sympathy from anyone.

When I mention things I think it tends to release pent up frustration by holding it in so very long. Confession is good when we do wrong, but when we hurt in other ways writing helps. It may not be what others would care to read about but at least for me it guides me in a direction that helps me to develop.

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