June 18, 2007


Do we ever wonder why some things happen and the reason for it. I've found a beautiful way of seeing a strength I thought was gone when illness came crashing at my door five years ago. I put all my energy into what I do, more or less a way of living life. So today on my day off, I am attempting to finish putting up more poles for the beans. I think I planted too many of them. But when it comes to harvesting time, and canning them it will work out. It's nice when the vegetables that are grown can be canned and stored for the winter months. String beans, tomatoes and a few others that are done, come in pretty good. I have a few plants that are slow in recovering from being separated from the others when I planted them. I think I damaged the roots a bit. There coming along slowly.

After work yesterday I went to do my Adoration hour at the Chapel. I ended up standing for the hour because my knee was in pain. I think when I am tense it hurts more. My ride there from work was tough, the first chance of sitting down and aching from head to toe. So at the Chapel I cried from the pain that was going through my body, and the only relief was in staying on my feet and bending every now and then to alleviate the muscle ache in my back. Tenseness can definitely create havoc in a body. I didn't realize I was that tense until I tried to relax. With that in mind, next time I go to work I will try to not be so tense and not attempt to run so fast. Life isn't a race, unfortunately this job wants it to be.

I went to Chapel today and gave him a special thank you for the hope that coursed through my heart. It was beautiful, not only the hope but the joy that was there. I trust in what I was given, the grace that God bestows on us when we do his will, it's awesome. It was weird though, because my mom had a mass said today for me to get a job, and that is exactly the hope I had this morning. I didn't even know it was today until she mentioned it after I told her what I had felt. It was so positive that all I knew it was going to be. It's those moments I know come from our Lord, they fill our being with so much joy there can be no doubts. The same when at Chapel and knowing that I am being prepared, for what I don't know as yet. It was when I was praying that it came to mind in my prayer. Why it came to thought I don't know, but that too I don't doubt either, it's these little snippets of things that slip through, that I am finding somethings making more sense than I did before.

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