May 12, 2007


The other day I had a thought and wrote it down. It's like a question I suppose. So here it is; "If God truly dwells within us then we can tell those who have him and those who do not by how they treat others, whether it is with kindness, love, etc." It was strange how this thought came to mind, but as my day progressed I found myself doing many things that showed kindness and love. It turned out for me a day of reflection. I wonder now if this was God's way of showing me also, my fruits. Because we tend to be blind about who we are and how we really are toward others. There are moments when I think I am rotten, but it is not so as I found out. Same thing I suppose when it comes to sin. It's always a thought and one I try hard not to commit. Well it's time to go, I will try to write more a bit later.

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