May 29, 2007


It feels good when we can accomplish much and do also for others. I had the opportunity to walk with my Parish in yesterday's Memorial Day Parade. My DRE Director and I carried a banner for a group of musicians that play for our Church and the community. It was a nice to do something and give back to the community, even if it was in a small way. Then the day turned out beautiful weather wise, a nice breeze was always present.

I did get to tackle a few things and then had time to do some reading for my Novice class. That was enjoyable while sitting outside and burning some wood. Nothing like watching the breeze play about in the trees while reflecting.

Yesterday was a day for many to reflect. The loss of life that was taken in service for others. Those who have gone before us to serve our Country to keep us safe. Many also who have done their job and died for the sake of keeping our street safe. There are so many who have gone who have served us in many ways. And many have also served our Lord while doing their job. Memorial Day, a day where we gather to pray, to honor and give love for those who have died.

Today also starts a new day for me and many others out there who are job searching. My prayer today is for those who are lost may find their way to God. May they find him and keep him first in their lives.

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