May 31, 2007


Talk about lost and then some, I managed to find a place in an Industrial Park today, but ended up leaving, the time wasn't right. I went to another place and put my application in later on. On the way I thought about a quick visit to the Abbey since I wasn't that far away. I had on several occasions smelled what seemed like roses. I had stopped for gas and there too was that beautiful scent. Across the street were trees with little white flowers on them, I didn't know they could smell like that. Believe me when I was driving I didn't see the trees when I smelled the scent. It was pretty. I cut a tree with those same type of flowers and smelled the flowers they were lightly scented but not close to the scent of roses.

I remember that scent one day in my room, same exact scent too. It could be our blessed Mother's loving scent and I would love more than anything to say it is. So I thanked her for her loving presence anyway. I had a nice chat with one of the Monks at the gift shop, we spoke about vocations. Since I am nearing 50, the choices for Religious communities are slim. Not many take people over a certain age. There are some, so now it's time for me to see and visit and job hunt along with it. I had written about choices and looking at the possibility that this is part of what I am to do while in between jobs. This is going to be part of my agenda, the search.

This was also part of my thought this day when I was on route. Floral rose smells hmm, now that definitely was a heady experience of the senses. Such also is the time of spring with the combination of flowers, yet I only saw the tree ones. I love it! I can't shake that wonderful call, it is constant, and the love for God is my mainstay. I made the sound choice to follow him all the days of my life, to be his in all ways even if I am not accepted, then my life is to be part of his but in the world. Giving my love to those who I come across. It is his gift to share with others. Well anyway this was my bit of excitement for today.

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