May 31, 2007

Mary's Call

I can't help but reflect upon today's Gospel reading. We have received two people in history who God chose to bring us two men who will set our hearts afire. John the Baptist who came just before Jesus to bring us the news of his coming. And then we have the most precious one of all Jesus himself. These two ladies in history have borne for us a means of giving us life lived in God.

Sometimes we often wonder why these people were chosen, yet they were. Mary was chosen long before she was born to fulfill a prophecy, so was her cousin. Each of us was chosen as they were to fulfill our part in God's plan. He brings to us a means by way of his angels to fulfill it. He also gives us his Word to follow. When we listen we tend to know the right way. When we develop our consciences to God's will then everything we do is done for him. Just like our heavenly Mother did and those who have come to us from ages past. They did his will!

I often wondered why so very many today do not listen. We have become a world that feeds off of sexuality, where there is no conscience about what we do. The conscience is no longer developed in our young today, it is slowly being destroyed by what the world can teach and give them. Our heavenly Mother kept herself pure in a growing world, a young world back then. Now some two thousand years later, we have a world that seems old and ancient, but young in many ways. We have progressed beyond ourselves and let ourselves be taken away from sanctifying grace. There is hope though, because there are many families who value morals, who value faith.

These are the ones that will find heaven, while the majority will continue to seek yet not find. Will they ever be able to come back or to find God amidst a growing world that rather take God away than give it to them. There is always hope!

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