May 03, 2007


A dear lady that I work with has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. She has a tumor on the eye and problems with her bladder too and her stomach is being checked also. She was at work yesterday, then left for more tests. I have been giving her so many hugs and praying for her and her sister, she works there too. Those two have gone through so much already. If anyone reads this please keep them in your prayers too. Prayers are the greatest gift to give another.

While at work I had a thought about the Shrine of the North American Martyrs, I don't know why. This morning Blessed Kateri's name was repeating itself upon waking. So I think both the thought and then this morning may be part of something. I also remembered being given a relic of hers from someone who was healed in her eyes. I'm wondering if I am to use this and the prayer or to give it to this special lady. She has her first grandchild to be born later this month too. My heart goes out to them, I hug her and I want to cry for the suffering she is going through. I think when I had the urge to show them the pictures, it was for a greater purpose. God's way of giving them strength, at least I hope this is part of it. And a big part of me wants to take away the suffering of the many who hurt. Well anyway this is my hope anyhow.

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