May 08, 2007

Deep Thoughts

Lessons in life are sometimes very trying, but it is in how we handle them that we come to learn about ourselves. For a long time I would step aside and let others have their way and I would take what no one wanted to do. I still do but in a way that pleases all not just one or two. There is a particular job that we have to do and not many like doing the part I do. It is the final step before it goes for final inspection. I call it the critical end. Somehow I end up on that job all the time with rare occasions that someone else will do it. I think they are afraid that there will be too many packages that will come back. I have to laugh at that because fear is a losing battle. This is where I learn to perfect my job even more. Unfortunately I strive for perfection on the job but in a good way. A long time ago I began praying to St. Joseph to be a good worker. It's something I never forgot either and he always gave me the ability to do a job well. It is also a comfort for me to know in my heart that I have done any job for the glory of God. It was always done for him.

Lessons in life also included loosing as well as being given. I had lost much in order for me to see a bigger and more beautiful picture. I was given much to love more. When we read that he takes away for a just reason, believe it because he does. In my case he did for a reason for a greater purpose. Because he loves me enough to save me. Just like he loves so very many others who have gone astray and wants them back in his loving arms. The story of the Prodigal Son has always touched me because I too can see myself in there and found my way back. But there was something about me that was always different from others though. It was the way I think and how I had put the Scriptures in association with my daily life. I didn't realize until I began reflecting back on my life and what brought me to where I am today. Writing about various parts of it also helped bring about a broader perspective.

Yet I have loved God all my life and somehow managed to screw up on being the person God made me to be. I hurt him like many others before me and many even now do. Only thing I can think of that kept me close to God was the very thought of Him and talking to him everyday. He knew what I was doing long before I even did it, but he gave me the freedom to choose. We are not always wise when we grow up. For the most part it was the lesson and applying it. I begin to wonder if any really do learn from their mistakes or do they continue to make them without thought of the consequences. Such as the near future and what effects it will have then. I too have thought about this very thing time and time again. What effect do I have on being kind to others and loving them when they rather not care. Will how I am towards them have an effect in their life and come to see how much there is when there is peace in our lives and hearts. Do they yearn for this in their lives. Perhaps they do, only God knows for certain.

Anyway today was the day I stopped taking the blame for everyones actions and took account for my own. I stood still, and looked off into the distance and saw the glory of God.

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