May 30, 2007


There are choices and then there are more choices, and making the right ones is tough sometimes. I did the schooling, I managed to get a job, things changed and now back at the beginning. No one ever said life would be easy. Yet some go through life like a breeze, without any problems. Then there are those that have much to go through. I think when that tends to happen we are tested in faith and yet for me I see mine get all the more stronger.

I had to step back and take a good look at what is going on. Somehow since December of 2003 there has been a constant call. I thought about this moment about my assignment ending and the why of it. And then I came to the possibility that I am given a bit of time to find a community. Then my thoughts would kick in and think, it's impossible, but I have way too much to pay off, this isn't what God wants. Then I think that maybe it was his way of showing me how strong I am with my faith, and learning how to pray when certain things happen. But since these are thoughts and not necessarily what is supposed to be. So out of those thoughts, I put it in his hands, since he knows where I go next. And in that process I will be listening. And looking for the job that will be fruitful, and bring dignity to my life.

I will not be sitting and waiting but going full bore to find the direction. Along the way prayer will be ever present and should my life be in the Religious then the thought that he will make the possible happen when it all looks impossible. Life is beautiful and I'm glad to be a part of it and having this chance to live it. God is wonderful and he is love.

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