May 22, 2007

Almost Done

Finished planting the last of the fruit and vegetables, with the exception of turnip. I need to get the seeds for that one and plant them. I did get to plant watermelon, pumpkin, and cantaloupe. This is one garden that is relying on time, water and the Lord. No pesticides and no growth stuff. It's called going back to the roots of our lives from the beginning when all that stuff wasn't invented and people survived very well. Nature is nature no matter how hard we try to tame it. God does have a way of rearranging our lives to suit his. Nature is the same when it is placed in his hands. Like how animals come around or how the air is sweet and-so-forth.

God has a way of taking care of the impossible when we least expect it. But then it's up to us to acknowledge him and all he does no matter how big or small it is. I think I have always done that all my life, thank him for the smallest thing to the biggest. It doesn't matter what it is as long as I do it. Same thing with any type of gift we are given in our spiritual lives, we may dislike it but no matter what it is ours. I am grateful for mine, even when I look foolish to others it allows me the grace to pray for another. With that in thought I thank you Dear Father for reminding me that I am at your service and the service of others.

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