April 26, 2007


Time has a way of rectifying things. And time has a way of changing things too. For the time that I had no insurance, I had cut my medicine for my diabetes in half and did the best I could to stretch it. But in that endeavor I caused a problem, my sugar count ended way too high without the proper dose. Now I have the correct dose and the means to get the medicine, hopefully my body will in time be corrected and come to a normal count. But that is small stuff compared to the many out there who suffer far worse. My prayers always go out to those who suffer needlessly because of others. And then my prayers go out to those who cause the others to suffer too. Either way they both need the prayers.

But today my prayers go for the wildlife and the havoc we cause them with our pollution and attempt to rid the world of their life with pesticides. And that goes for myself too for my part in spraying bug spray. They are part of the system just as we are.

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