April 24, 2007

He is My Treasure

The last two days I have enjoyed taking one of my breaks outside. Today at my afternoon one there was a beautiful breeze. I sat there just looking at the sky and the surrounding area without much thought of anything particular except what is always first and foremost in thought, that of God. But this one afternoon had something beautiful to go with it, a few words to a song that I have yet to find. The words, "faithful to your call," came loud and clear and I have a general idea where to locate it for more of the words, but these words had a meaning to it. It wasn't long before that I was relating an incident that the Holy Spirit prompted me in a particular night at CCD. A student asked me to do it again, and I told him it wouldn't be the same, but I would try anyway. He did tell me it was different and not the same. I was prompted to touch each kid that night and did as I was asked. This was what I was relating not long before break. And to have words come to the effect of what is considered a calling. Anyway I leave this to the Holy Spirit as I do God's will and he will make the rest known in his time. Last night we also were discussing Vocations too and what I spoke to them about was a calling I had long ago as a child, before my life changed. Is it all part and parcel of God's plan, I believe so. So much has had to have happened first for things to progress as they have. One of them was my growing and healing, the other is accepting what has been given to me. I was playing a CD just now to find the song and I did, it is one that I remember from a day not long after I had come to see our Lord. This song played as I was kneeling at the foot of my bed and gazing at a picture that I took with His image on it. This touched me so deeply, because I didn't feel worthy at the time, and this song spoke volumes of being worthy. It is the title of the song and the CD title is Behold the Lamb, the first CD I purchased over three years ago. I was surprised that this came to me today, and I thank God for his gift, because in His eyes I am worthy.

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