March 17, 2007


It was snowing last night and it is now freezing rain. One of those last of the season storms. Even though it is a chore to clean up it is very beautiful to see the ground all dressed up in freshly fallen snow. We tend to call these late season storms poor man's manure as they keep the soil moist and refresh the water supply. I love this season, the beauty of the whiteness of snow. It's so clean looking, until sand and dirt from the roads are on it. Then it becomes a blemish. Like when we sin it mars our heart and soul.

Then the beauty of confession becomes our cleaner. Mine anyway. There is nothing to fear about going to confession. It brings healing and renewal to our hearts. But the best part is to strive to never sin again. With this always in mind, then going about the day I am forever mindful of that promise. When I was a kid I remember being fearful of the confessional. As a kid our sins aren't as bad as they become when we are adults. But God's forgiveness is great and the sacraments that the Church has are for us to live in God as his children. I hope this one particular sacrament people will rediscover. There really is nothing to fear in the confessional, because the Priest is not our judge and jury, only God is. God wants us free from sin.

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forget me not said...

I love snow too. the last big snowstorm here was 14 years ago when my son Lorenzo was born. Thank God I got to the hospital before the blizzard started!!

teresa_anawim said...
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teresa_anawim said...

Jsst got in a few hours ago from lifting and hauling that heavy, heavy melting ice-snow mix this morning.
The neighbors all get out there and chat on such occaisions.
My neighbor across the street gloatingly reported that he had gotten a lot of the snow shoveled while we slept in our warm cozy beds. Needless to say, his chore was a breeze this morning. And he had reason to gloat!
It reminded me of the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. A good spiritual application from an undesirable task...Ay! my back!

March 17, 2007 2:57 PM

Marie Cecile said...

Oh fmn, I thank God too that you made it before the storm. Your son is still young yet he is a young adult. He must be very precious to you.

Marie Cecile said...

aww teresa, I was there shoveling the snow too with you. Sans the neighbors though. A nice Epsom salt bath will have soothed the sore muscles though. It would have been nice of your neighbors if they helped you.

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