March 31, 2007


Ever wonder how some things work. Well that is what I try out now and then. On one of the blogs I frequent, a comment was about how to do something in, I think it was typad and how to enlarge the text. That got me thinking about various things on blogger that I have no clue of. So I tried them out, it's the only way to find out exactly how it works. This is a habit I have developed during my life, is to tear apart and rebuild. To figure out how things work. I question and then I do it myself to see how it is done. Some one can explain it but once we do it then we understand. I wondered how comments are done and the different ways of getting them, directly, indirectly, moderate, or not to moderate.

The same when learning how to put pictures and different things to dress up the blog. No one can explain it until it is tried out and tested by our own selves. There are forums that help to explain but sometimes the description is not easy to grasp. How did I end up like this? My mother's father, my Pepere. I used to watch him take apart a gadget or something and then put it back together, that is how I came to learn how things work and in a sense how I learned how to understand. It's by doing. Sometimes I make many mistakes out of rushing what should be a slow process. And this is where God is teaching me to take the time to learn of him and his ways. Not to rush what he is teaching, that's why things happen in his time and not ours. He developes us in ways we know not, but once we are ready his plan comes about. Our journey is never finished nor is the process of ripping apart our lives at the seams in order to rebuild and fine tune. This is what we all know as purification, a blessed event in our lives that help us along the path of holiness. God Bless

2 Words of Wisdom:

teresaanawim said...

It took me the longest time to hum,ble myself and ask very elementary questions about the computer and blogging. I felt like an idiot because I am in my 50's, and am new to this whole thing. But...after a few help forums, I found out that there are no dumb questions...every one asks them, anad that is the only way to learn. (the same things I tell my music students, I should heed)
So, I ask..and at times I find, not even the advanced know the answers.

But..when it comes to those spiritual stumpers in my life which no director or spiritual guide can answer, I humble myself and go to HIM who has the plan all set ..even if I do not see the answer now and have to walk in the darkness of faith. Childlike questions. Childlike faith.
Thanks for inspiring this spiritual application in my life today, MC.

Marie Cecile said...

Isn't it wonderful that we all learn in such diverse and unique ways. Some it's easy, some not. I ask questions too, when I don't understand, but too many times I never get the answers so I go in search of them.

I'm glad teresa that you have a beautiful childlike faith, and your welcome. But it is I who should thank you.

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