March 30, 2007

A New Day

For a very long time, perhaps a whole life till recently, have I not done what I should have. Is trust in myself when the need arises. One of the lessons that became part of learning was to come to know where I lacked faith. Faith in myself. It is usually the case when things happen and the still small voice would nudge to clue us in. Often I have gone on in my life listening to it and many a time I would not.

There was brief moment when a decision was to be made, and circumstances and other things would have made it seem right, but deep inside I knew it was wrong. These are the instincts we go by on a daily basis. Some are more pronounced than others. I always call it the conscience, because it speaks the loudest when something is wrong. It is these moments when I have lacked faith in my own self. And this is where God has shown me to trust. Because no matter what goes on in my life it is God who I trust completely, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for they are truth and truth is what I seek, in myself and in others.

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